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'A Small School With A Big Heart'

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school





Mrs Rachel Horne

Executive Headteacher



Mrs Natasha Flux

Head of School 

and Dolphin Class Teacher




Mrs Annie Burson

Sharks Class Teacher



Ms Tessa Braidwood

Seahorses Class Teacher





Miss Sharon Pugh

Pre-School Leader



Mrs Julia Bishop

Collaboration SEND Leader



Mrs Julie Taylor

Teaching Assistant




Mrs Cherie Tyler

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Carole Beasley

Teaching Assistant




Mrs Lynne Reeves

1:1 Teaching Assistant




Toni Kirlew


1:1 Teaching Assistant



  Mrs Alice Hambleton-White


Speech and Language Therapist



Mrs Stefanie Hayes

School Secretary



Mrs Alex Ryan

Collaboration Support

Services Manager



Mrs Jane Heaton

Extended Schools Administrator






Cheryl Forbes

Teaching Assistant



Ms Nicky Cripwell


Lunchtime Supervisor




Mrs Caroline Hughes Lunchtime Supervisor



Mr Bernie Edwards

Site Manager