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Week 13

Welcome back Sharks to the final entry on the blog this year, I hope you enjoy it. 


In our final maths lesson with Mrs Austin we were looking at money and how to give out change. 


As it is the final week of the academic year, everyone in year 4 including me has to leave to go to middle school.


We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Jefferies for helping us to finish off our tiles that are displayed on the wall in the playground. Also to Mr Jefferies, Mr Tucker and Mr Russell for putting up! 


On Friday they held a leavers assembly where the year 4s had to read the leavers speeches to the school and their parents. All the year 4s did really well reading their speeches and their ambitions. All the parents and the Sharks teachers had a tear in their eye. 


Congratulations to Cameron who has been voted by his peers as the Year 4 DASP Citizen. He was awarded a plaque and badge. 


As it is the final day I have a lot to do, I’m going to finish the final blog here.