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Week 3 - History and Literacy

Both this week and last week the children have been starting to learn about William the Conqueror and his son Henry 1 who began the building of Corfe Castle. After having four candidates, prior to William becoming king, they had to think about who would make a good king and why. They have also been learning about different parts of a castle building and what they were for. This learning has been taken into literacy to write descriptions of a castle using adjectives and then turning their planning into the opening for a story setting. Children have used wonderful phrases like a creepy, crumbling castle and narrow, thin arrow slits. 


Our value this half term is friendship and all of the children have really taken on board ideas of what makes a good friend and even coming to the adults in school to ask if they could nominate someone for a friendship certificate in assembly because of something that child has done for them. 


The shields that the children have produced are wonderful, they are currently being displayed in the classroom, brightening it up,  but will come home in a week or two. 


Year 2 homework this week is on a sheet not on google classrooms.