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Week 4

This week we are sharing pictures from a few of our subjects. 


In maths, Year 1 were learning about the multiplication symbol and finding how many equal groups there are in specific numbers such as 20. The children also practised repeated addition.


Year 2 have begun learning about time. They began by having a practise clock each and learning about the minute and hour hands. We recapped directional language from our Position and Direction unit of work and then the children had a go at finding the time to the hour. They will continue to learn about time next week.


In RE, we discussed the role that children play in Shabbat, and examined how they begin to learn about important rituals. We talked about a Jewish school in London and learned about how the children practise and prepare for Shabbat.


In keeping with our theme of Knights and Castles, one of the children made a castle at home and brought it in to school to show everybody. The castle was labelled with some of the features we have talked about in class. It is lovely when children are inspired by the learning they have been doing.


With no bank holiday this week, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!