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Week 5

Our photos from week 5 come from our Year Two Science lesson in Beech Class on Tuesday. The children were learning to identify and group animals. They began with some animal picture cards and worked in groups to sort these in any way they wished. We ended up with groups by diet, size, colour, number of legs, feathers or no feathers and so on. We then had a discussion about different types of animals and introduced the terms fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. The cards were re-sorted by the children who had to decide which heading was suitable for each picture. 


In Literacy the children have been learning about onomatopoeia. After talking about onomatopoeia words for a firework display, the class split into groups and shared onomatopoeia words for pictures which were on their tables. 


We wish you a good weekend and we look forward to the children coming back next week.