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Week 7

Bonjour! Welcome back after half term. This week we have begun our new topic France. The children have been very enthusiastic with questions and ideas about what they would like to learn. From counting to 10 to how tall is the Eiffel Tower and do the French eat croissants with their wine?  We hope to find out answers to all of their questions and this week they have begun by writting a letter to a french boy, Ewen,  to ask him about his school, hobbies and what food he likes.  The children have also drawn the Eiffel Tower.


On Tuesday this week we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making and eating pancakes. We also wrote the recipe. 


In Maths year 1 have been continuing their learning on place value to 50 whilst year 2 have been learning about time. The year 2s need to be able to tell the time to the closest 5 minutes  which can be quite tricky. It would be really great if you  have a clock at home to encourage your child to tell you what time it is. 


During science we looked at the structure of a crocus and an apple tree, looking at the differences and similarities. The children then drew and labelled them. When we went up to the wildlife garden they spent a lot of time finding different flowers which grow from bulbs including crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops. 


Next Thursday 5th March is World Book Day. It would be lovely if the children could dress up as their favourite book character.  If they would like to come for bedtime stories at 6pm that evening, please make sure you have returned their permission slip.