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What an exciting and busy week we've had with both Shrove Tuesday (Pacake Day) and World Book Day in the same week! The children learnt about Shrove Tuesday and that we make pancakes as a way to use up the food that is given up for Lent, before Ash Wednesday.

It was fantastic to see all of the children dressed up as a character from a book and to share their stories with the class. We spent the day reading a different story book on the hour, every hour, talking about our book characters and completing World Book Day activitites such as making a book mark for our reading books and designing the front cover for a new story book.

We have continued to read books about dinosaurs, both fiction and non-fiction and the information that the children have acquired from the books has been applied to their writing activities. We have learnt about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and discussed the diet of the groups of dinosaurs.

In maths this week, we have been looking at groups of objects up to 10 and beyond and then how we can arrange them in different ways, but still have the same number when we add them altogether. The children have been writing addition number sentences that represent each group as a digit and calculating the answer.

Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day