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Week 12

This week in RE we have been learning about The Christmas Story in preparation for our Christmas activities, celebrations and our school Nativity. The children were asked to particularly think about the role of Angel Gabrielle & his part within the story. The children have been busy practising their songs & 'Angel Dance' in preparation for their part in the play.

In Expressive Art & Design, the children have used both their fine motor skills & creativity while making their star decoration for the school Christmas tree. They carefully rolled out their balls of clay so that it was thin enough to cut out a star & rolled small pieces of clay between their hands to form three balls. Using a skewer they then made holes in the star & balls for threading through some string. When they clay was dry, they painted the clay with silver paint & sprinkled glitter on the star. Once they were completed, the children took turns to hang their decoration on the tree.