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Week 9

This week our topic book has been ‘A Squash And A Squeeze’ and we have been busy getting stuck in with lots of activities based around this book. We started the week with some water colour painting. Here the children picked their favourite animal from the book and chose different colours to paint them. The children also enjoyed exploring the spaghetti tuff tray which they used to help improve their scissor skills as they had to try and snip the spaghetti in half. Blossom class have done really well at using the small world tuff tray to re-enact the book ‘A Squash And A Squeeze’.
On Tuesday 
Mary from the library came in to visit the children today, she was dressed as the Gruffalo which the children all absolutely loved! She spoke to the children about World Book Day and the library, then dad them a couple of different books including Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry and What The Jackdaw Saw. 
This week we have focused on improving our understanding of AB patterns. The children have enjoyed using the coloured bears and pom-poms to copy and create their own patterns. Alongside patterns, the children have been enjoying completing different shape and picture puzzles which they are proving to be excellent at! We ended that week with some messy cornflour which the children love to pour, scoop and move their hands through. The Blossom children have also worked hard at learning our new sound of the week ‘d’ and have been great at giving different examples of this sound.