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Week 1

Welcome to a new school year!


It has been a busy and exciting week in Beech Class as we have welcomed back our previous Year One children and given a warm welcome to our new children from Reception.


Everybody has worked hard this week and become familiar with new routines. We have made sure that our work has been as practical as possible and the children have often worked in groups to help share ideas and build friendships. 


Our Literacy work has focused on writing simple sentences. In Mathematics, both year groups have been working on place value. Year One have been counting and sorting objects whilst Year Two have been using place value charts to organise tens and ones. We will do further work on place value next week and continue working on our Geography based topic 'What is it like here?'.


We hope the children have a good rest over the weekend and we look forward to seeing them again on Monday. 


Have a lovely weekend!