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Week 11

During World Maths Day today we have had lots of activities based on money & other aspects of maths over the week. We started our day with a special assembly with Mrs.Austin called ‘Money All Around Us’ & she spoke to the children about what would we do if we didn’t have clocks, how would we solve problems, how would we measure ingredients to make a cake?
Then we had two visitors from the HSBC bank to talk the children about money. We met some woodland characters who really like maths problems and they helped the children to recognise the eight different coins, their value & metal colours, practise counting, doubling & halving money, where it is safe to keep our money and what a bank is for. The children were then asked to create their own designs for a new coin.
After playtime we were taken on a Scavenger Hunt by Mrs. Austin and the children were given a tick list and were asked to look around he playground to find each of the treasure chests and record them on their list.
Other activities throughout the day were - Guess how many gems in the jar, coin sorting computing activity, coin rubbing, coin printing & ordering coins according to their value.