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Week 3

This week we have started to learn our phonics and have learnt the phonemes s, a, t, p. The children are all working hard to learn the correct sound and action for each grapheme, (the written symbol).   Well done to all the children who are sharing their sound books at home, drawing pictures or using stickers on the sound pages and practising what they have learnt in school at home. If you have any questions about phonics please do ask. Our phonic work lays the foundation stones for your child's reading and writing so spending time with them at home reinforcing their learning really is beneficial. 


Next week I will start to send some reading books home. These may be individual sound books or picture books with no words. Please take the time to talk to your child about the story and pictures as it is important that they start to understand how a story is structured to aid their reading skills. They need to know it makes sense!


In maths we have been doing number work and starting to recognise numbers and the numicon pieces for each number. We also went on a shape hunt around the school to see what shapes we could see. 


The children are all really enjoying our mud kitchen and natural learning afternoon on Thursdays. Well done to everyone who has remembered to bring in wellies, waterproofs and old clothes  for their children. This will be more important as the weather gets colder and wetter so please do try and remember. Thank you.  


Next Friday (29th) will be our harvest festival in the school hall at 9am. All parents are welcome and it would be lovely to see you there.