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Week 4 - STEM Workshop

On Monday,  the children were fortunate to have a two hour STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) workshop run by Claire through the national grid who are completing all of the work on the pylons around the school. The children discussed energy, where it comes from, types of energy and how it is made. They talked about how electricity is produced as well as how we have energy ourselves so we can walk and run and learn.  Claire talked about the reasons why the National Grid are moving the pylons to underground cables to preserve our area of outstanding natural beauty.

Then, using the sun as the starting point, they made food chains using different plants and animals to think about how each thing gets its energy.

Finally the children made a lever and slider mechanism to make the sun come up and over a picture of their landscape.

The children really enjoyed the session and Claire was really impressed by their knowledge of food chains, nutrition for energy and their team work in helping each other to use the punches and tools to create their levers.