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Week 5

This week Blossoms have been looking at different Emergency Services book including Police. Throughout the week the children have been busy learning about why we need the police and how they can help us. The children have been exploring our Police Station role play, where they have been great detectives and helped find lots of missing toys and resources. Alongside this the children have enjoyed rebuilding their very own police cars by cutting and sticking. We have also been improving our fine motor skills by doing dough disco, where the children have to manipulate the playdough by squashing, sqeezing, pinching and rolling the dough along with the music. 

In Woodland School the children learnt all about the festival called Imbok, where you praise the trees!
These activities included, making tree streamers/charms using different materials, hanging toast on the trees to say thank you, singing our own songs to sing to the trees, digging and apple juice tasting.