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Week 8

Week 8

Welcome Back Sharks!

First of all we have to tell you about the US election. We have been following it very closely in class this week and the scores at the moment are 264 votes for Biden and 214 for Trump (This was written on Thursday!)






The US election so far.....

Meanwhile in class.....


In Literacy we have been writing a new story based on a film called ‘Girl and Robot.’ That brings us on to saying congratulations to Evie on getting star writer for that piece of work.

Mollie has been begging us to tell you about our science experiment, which we will tell you about now. The bread has finally got mould on and a lot of it too. YUCK! We are going to be finishing off that experiment this week and writing about our findings. 


On to Maths, we have been learning fact families! We were adding together multiples of  hundred, tens and ones and in the next sum adding hundreds to a three digit number. Eg. 238 + 500 = 738. We had maths with Mrs Thompson on Wednesday and she started teaching us about time. Get your watches on everyone, it's that 'time' of year again!! (That was Mrs Austin's joke )


Well done to everyone for their great half term homework. Lots of people have made fantastic robots and written robot stories, poems and factsheets. It's been a great start to our new topic 'The Rise of The Robots' 


ICT has been unbelievably fun! We have played a coding game called scratch the link is bellow. We are going to be using computer programming to create our own 'Scratch Projects'


By Jacob, Mollie and Cameron