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Week 13

This week in literacy we read Rod Campbell's Dear Santa story and talked about what Christmas presents we might all like. The children did their final piece of independent writing for the term on Tuesday - writing their own letter to Santa. Wow Seahorses! You are all amazing writers! It's incredible how much the children have learnt this term and how they are begining to use their phonic knowledge in their writing. You should all be very proud of their achievements. 


We have also been rehearsing hard for our nativity on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. The performance is coming on well and we definitely have some budding actors and dancers in our midst. Please do come and watch if you can. 


The children been busy making and creating Christmas 'things' to bring home for you at the end of term. They have continued to practise wrapping parcels in the role play area so do make use of them in the run up to Christmas! 


My apologise for the lack of photographs this week - no excuse. I will make up for it next week though with plenty of photographs of the nativity!