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Week 7

This week the Blossom children have been busy doing lots of farm and autumnal based activities to support their book of the week 'Click, Clack Moo, Cows That Type'. We started the week off by creating our own hand print cows, using cotton buds to create their spots. We've also been busy using corks to create spots and cow prints onto our initials. As well as getting creative, we have been using a range of different sized stones to help support our maths skills by discussing the different sizes of each stone. The children have also been exploring shapes by using paint brushes and water to draw their own shapes on the blackboards outside. Alongside this, the children have enjoyed using a big cardboard box to create their own barn like the cows had in the book 'Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type'. 

Blossom children have also enjoyed exploring a wide range of sensory Autumn themed tuff trays including making their own pumpkin potions, using jugs and spoons to scoop and pour different amounts of vinegar and baking powder together to see what happens! To end the week, the children enjoyed making their own natural photo frames using different coloured and sized leaves, which we had collected throughout the week.