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Wk 10 Summer Fun

A visit from Surya Arts on Monday, a vibrant Indian team of performers, consisting of four performers/facilitators and technicians proved to be an exciting interactive session involving dancing, mime and speaking and listening.

Jazz and Jagdeep Like Dancing.

The play is about a little girl 'Jaz' in London who is magically transported to Assam where she meets a boy called 'Jagdeep' who helps his mother in the tea fields. They discover they both love dancing. The play illustrates how tea is gathered and gently introduces the idea of Fair trade, the rights of the child and global issues.


Sports Day.

Wednesday saw our 'rising five's' children participate in the schools sports day. Erin, James Montero, Poppy-Mae, Sofia and William took part in the open ceremony, ran the cross country race and sprint. The rest of the Pre-school were not fazed at all by the crowds and ran a very fast Pre-school race at the end.