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Week 9

In literacy we have been reading a story from Dorset Folk Tales called Jack and the Boat. It is a traditional tale set in Dorset and the children have been writing their own versions.  The children have spent time sequencing the story, answering questions using conjunctions and talking about it's similarities to other traditional tales. 


On Tuesday afternoon Tom Foot visited the children to talk to them about the production of cheese on his local farm. It was fascinating to learn about the farming methods, the cheese production and of course to taste the cheese. The children very much enjoyed his visit, asked lots of interesting questions and I hope learnt a lot. The cheese was described by them as creamy, crumbly and delicious. Thank you Tom! Following on from this visit the children also had a chance to taste and compare 5 different french cheeses. Some of the children tried all of them and the discussions around the look, smell and taste of the cheese was great. Next week I am hoping we can look a the process of making cheese further and the children will look at designing their own wrapping for cheese. 


Year 1's maths this week has been based around measure and we have been learning how to measure in cms using rulers. If you get a chance to practise this at home, please do.  Year 2 have been focusing on fractions, 1/2 , 1/4 and 1/3.