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Week 3


Week 3     16.9.21

Welcome to another week, in maths with Mrs Austin we have been doing partitioning, in year three they’re doing partitioning with 100’s ten’s and ones and in year four we are doing partitioning by 1,000’s 100’s ten’s and ones.

On Tuesday we have done topic work on coasts and on the 6th of October we are going to West Bay on a school trip we also learned about human geography and physical geography.

In P.E we did basketball we learned the bounce pass




       1. First you need a partner

2. Then you bounce the ball x3

3. Afterwards you need to bounce it to your partner

4. And then you have it the bounce pass!


On Wednesday we had a special visitor and he was Mr Foot, he came in to show us about cheese and we got to try some and learn how it’s made cheese is made by some cow milk then they pasteurize the milk so there is no bacteria in the milk they have to get rid of good bacteria and bad bacteria it’s both or none.



Buddie reading

Our year 4’s have got their new buddies!!!

Every Wednesday after lunch time play we go over to the reception class and we read them 2 or 3 stories and sometimes they might read us books too.

 In music with Mrs Horne we did some more about the beat and the rhythm, and we learnt a new song I’m going to sing.

In reading vipers we did a recap of chapter two and did a sheet about Mr Culpeper (albatross), we also learned about how big Mr Culpepper actually is, his wingspan can reach up to 4m!!



By Sofia and James M