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Week 10

Welcome to the blog!!!!!!!!



In PE we did Roman dancing. We paired up and made a routine with poses. It was super fun as we were dancing to music.



We had cakes to raise money for Comic Relief. We got to eat them with everybody in the classroom in the morning. Some people had more than 5 pounds! Then, after school the grown ups were allowed in the hall to buy cakes. It was so busy! School council will be counting the money that we raised next week.



We had science and we were trying to make the light bulb shine with light with wires to make an electrical circuit to the. All of the groups made a circuit and had lots of fun!


The class learned a poem for all the mums and carers. As the Mother’s Day service at the church was cancelled, we have uploaded a video on the website. You can find it under 

Children>Video Resource Centre. 

Have a happy Mother’s Day!


By Bartosz and Ella S.