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Week 12

So this week,the year 4’s have just come back from Hooke Court, including me! On monday the year 4’s came into school and left their bag’s in the school hall ready for Hooke Court. On the minibus there we felt nervous but excited too.When we got there we ate our packed lunches and got shown where our rooms were. Our rooms were big but cozy and we all unpacked really quickly. Over the next few days, we rotated through 4 activities. Tribal Kingdom was where we got to paint our faces and work together as a tribe to make our tribal chant and collect different sorts of items such as animal bones and pine cones. Another activity was Bridge the Moat, that was where we built a tripod and had to get medical resources across the river to the villagers. Rocket Building was super fun! We got to launch the rockets that went over a hundred miles an hour! We used real gunpowder and the rocket had a parachute so it came down slowly. Finally, we had a Den Building task, we could only use natural resources and didn’t even have any rope. Fleur and Ettie’s den fell down, but they half rebuilt it!


Well let's not forget about the year 3s, they have been having fun doing Woodland Schools with Mrs Thompson while we were away. They also did den building, which stayed up all night long. They made a fire and had treats like popcorn and roasted apples in chocolate biscuits! You can see pictures of this on the Woodland Schools section of the school website.


So that’s it for this week, all the best.

By James.B and Sofia