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Week 4

We finished reading Tumbleweed by Dick King Smith this week and the children have loved the adventures of this eccentric Knight and all the friends he meets on his travels. For some children it has been one of the first times they have listened to a long chapter book without many illustrations, but they have all enjoyed it.


The children have had a go at writing their own adventure stories after we also read The Paper Bag Princess. This is another 'modern' fairy tale with a twist and well worth a read. 


In maths we have been learning about money, so if you have a chance over the weekend, why not get your child involved in doing the shopping using coins and notes rather than a card. It really helps their understanding when they see money used in their day to day lives. 


Year 2s have been fantastic this week showing what consciensious and confident caterpillars they are in their learning.  They have all focused hard on their SAT's and come through unscathed,  (I hope!) Year 1 have been brilliant too keeping noise levels to a minimum and being very patient when things have taken a bit longer than normal. Thank you all of you.  Year 2 don't forget your spellings are the same as last week as we didn't do a spelling test this week, and don't forget your homework on your yellow sheet either.


Lots have shields have been made and are now displayed at the back of the classroom. They look great, well done. If you get a chance to make yours over the weekend, bring it in on Monday.


During our art we have focused on an artist called Paul Klee who in 1928 painted a picture called Castle and Sun. We have had a go at replicating this, so if you get a chance to come into the classroom next week, do pop in and have a look.


Happy weekend everyone.