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Week 6

This week we have been very busy. Miss Darby has been desperately trying to buy a loaf of bread for our science experiment and Mrs Austin has been teaching for one and a half days as she had a course on Tuesday.


In P.E we have made a new game called Tennis, Rounders’ and Cricket.


In literacy with Mrs Austin, we have met Toad in his house and the class found it very funny when Toad was locked in his bedroom but still enjoying life pretending to be in a motorcar.


Literacy with Miss Darby has been very fun learning ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ there has been some very strange words that people have been laughing at like… well let’s just call it gut build up! We have predicted what will happen next and how the story will end. For this week’s homework we will be watching chapter 17, read by the author Andy Shepherd on the internet, the link is:




In maths with Mrs Austin we have learnt rounding to the nearest ten and one hundred and the 5s and the 4 times tables.


With Miss Darby we have been learning about perimeter and area of regular and irregular shapes.


In science we have put together an experiment to see what conditions make bread mouldy more quickly.


In art we are following in the footsteps of Monet by painting the ‘Water Lily Pond.’

Goodbye for now, see you next week! J


From Jacob, Daisy and Molly

Congratulations to Joseph and Tabby-Ann who were awarded with the Head Teacher certificates this week.