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11.10.18 Nine Stones Walk

It was a very cloudy day, with rain threatening, as we set of for our walk to the Nine Stones and to find the source of the South Winterborne River.   Luckily the rain held off till we were back at school!  At the Nine Stones, the children learned about its history, its position and also some strange phenomena which have happened there in the recent past, perhaps due to the fact that it lies on a Ley Line.  Beau’s Mum was able to add her own story to the collection.

We then walked round the woodland to the western end where we could enter the woodland and find the source of our River.  It was, as expected, dry but the children noticed that there was grass growing there, indicating that the ground is damp. 

On our return walk, Beau’s Mum led us up the hill to see the Open Air Dairy which her family use for milking their cows.  The children learned that this system means the cows are a lot less stressed and can stay out all the year round.


Many thanks to Beau’s family, the Foots, for enabling this walk to go ahead and for providing us with Steve Bowman to guide us.  Also thanks to Sir Philip Williams for allowing us on to his land.   Remember, if you do this walk with your child, you may walk to the Nine Stones but not to the source.