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Week 6

Well done on making it to the last week of half term. Everyone has been working very hard and have deserved a well earned break. Anyway let’s get right into the blog.


In maths with Mrs Austin we have done a test that has recapped all the things we have learnt this half term. Next half term we are still doing decimals but with money.


With Miss Darby in maths, we have been doing assessments on fractions. We have had to answer questions about fractions.


Yesterday, we had a really exciting visit from Clare Benson. We had a plastic paradiso day! In the morning before break we read a book called The Tin Forest. It was about, you guessed it, a tin forest but then some birds came to it and dropped some seeds and made colour for the first time in that forest and made it a better place. We also found out that Claire was doing a show made of plastic things for kids! For example a plastic bag for a jellyfish or a stuffed plastic bottle for a fish. In the afternoon one group went on ttrockstars and the other went with Clare to do some dance in the hall.


In Literacy with Mrs Austin we finished our plastic pollution booklets. On Tuesday afternoons we were able to share them with reception and year 1 children. It was great to share our work with the younger children in the school. 


Finally we must say a big GOODBYE to Oliver, who is moving to Cheselbourne after half term. We gave him a great send off party complete with his favourite Oasis! We wish him lots of luck and we will miss him very much!


Sadly we are going to finish this week's blog now.

See you next term, bye!!!!


Bye Jacob, Evie and Molly