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Week 8

In the past week we have had World Book Day and we all dressed up as a character from a chosen book. We took a picture of all of us dressed up in our amazing costumes. We all brought a story like the Boy On Top of the World. Miss Darby was Mary Poppins and Miss Reeves was Miss Mad Hatter.


After school we had a hot chocolate and three stories kindly provided by the adults. We were told a variety of stories like Wonky Donkey, The Book With No Pictures and Gorden has a Snookie. Everyone thought the biscuits were delicious, especially the cookies!


We all wrote a diversity story for the DASP competition about a child with a disability or one that lived in a country at war. Most of us wrote about a refugee. Most people set the main part in a school where they got bullied, normally because of their name or their skin color, which is really unfair.