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5.2.19 The Worlds End - Safer Internet Day

The World's End - It's only a game


On Tuesday 5th February it was 'Safer Internet Day.' Sharks class have been learning about keeping safe on the internet and to share what we have learnt we put on a play for our families and friends all about keeping safe on the internet.


The World's End, is an online game we made up as a class and this was the backdrop to our play we presented on Tuesday. The play was about Jay, who had signed up to play on the game even though he was not old enough to do so. The lack of supervision from his parents and being able to have his computer in his bedroom, led to long nights playing unsuitable games with people he did not know, not doing homework and clicking on pop ups which nearly ruined his computer!


As a class we now know we must stay SMART -


S - Safe - Stay safe by never sharing personal details with people you don't know.

M - Meet - Don't meet people from the internet.

A - Accept - Don't accept emails from people you don't know.

R - Reliable - Don't believe everything you read online.

T - Tell - Tell a parent or trusted adult if something or someone upsets you online.


For more information about internet safety, parents and carers can use these website:


Safeguarding training centre - Youtube Safety


SWGfL - South West Grid for Learning






Jay - Oakley

Alex - Elsa

Narrators - Grace and Oliver

Taylor - Robin

Jo - Juno

Jamie - Beau

Lee - Benjamin

Ashley - Zak


Online Characters:

Game Master - Charlie

Cuddle Cat - Isabella

Tiger - Maya

Clover - Aimee

Horse - Erin

Pony - Sophia

Crocodile - Kian

Unicorn - Amelie

Pop Ups - Marley and Finley


Behind the Scenes

Technical Team - Herbie and Ivy

Props and Costumes - Rosa and Dominik