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Week 8

Welcome to the blog !


In maths most of the class did a timed assessment where we had 3 minutes to answer 60 questions in the 10 times table. At the end of the 3 minutes we had to get a coloured pencil to tick how many we got right. The assessment was from TTRockstars and we are going to do it 3 times each week until Christmas.


As it’s bonfire night on Saturday, (remember, remember the 5th of November!) we learned about how to keep safe with all the different events they do on bonfire night. We learned that if you use sparklers you need to hold them at an arm's distance. Never stand too close to the fireworks because they could blow up at any time. 


In guided reading we started to read the children’s book Malala’s Magic Pencil about a girl named Malala that is quite poor. We did a quiz about it on the whiteboard and we also did a sheet about the book. It is a true story and most of the children really liked it. 


In our last science lesson we wrote questions that the class wanted to know the answer to. One of the questions was: Are all metals magnetic? This week we tested different metals to see if they were magnetic. We found out that some are and some are not. So, only metals are magnetic, but not all metals are magnetic! there are some pictures below.


This term we are going to continue swimming at 1610 until December so make sure your child always has their swimming kit every Friday!


By Lillie And Aryn-Rose 


Have a great weekend :)