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Week 9

This week in maths the children have been working on addition and subtraction problems using concrete objects and pictorial representations. 


For literacy we have revisited Tumbleweed and been learning about play scripts. The children asked if they could create a play of the story. Whilst this was ambitious they have been working in small groups to create scenes from the book learning how to write the dialogue down. They began with speech bubbles, followed by paired work where they each pretended to be one character before moving on to the small group work. It is great to see them working so collaboratively and listen to their discussions about who should say what when whilst tackling the problem of writing it down. I've been really impressed by their enthusiasm and learning. 


In science we are continuing to learn about the structure of plants and animals and naming common plants and animals. 


Next week the Year 2s have their trip to Thomas Hardye School to meet the author Lucy Volpin to look forward to.


On Thursday it is our transfer morning when the children will visit their new classes for September. 


Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine.