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Week 10

On Friday last week we held the Usborne Bookfair  where the children could choose the books they wanted to spend their sponsor money on. It was a great success. Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend. The books that you ordered, I'm hoping, will be here at the end of next week. We will let you know.


Our tiny caterpillars that arrived on the first week back after half term grew and grew until they made their cocoons and this morning we came into the classroom and discovered they had all hatched into beautiful painted lady butterflies. This afternoon we were able to release them into the wildlife garden and we watched them fly away to gather nectar.  The children loved watching them as they grew and changed over those weeks.


Our Matisse inspired minibeast collages are now complete and look fantastically bright and colourful in the classroom. Well done Seahorses, definitely some budding artists. We have slugs and snails, caterpillars and worms, millipedes and shieldbugs, ladybirds and butterflies. 


During Literacy this week our focus has been on information books and the children are in the process of creating a class minibeast information book. We will be continuing our work on finding information and writing about what we have discovered next week. 


On Tuesday Richard Bradford came to school to present us with a copy of a stunning book called The Lost Words. It is a book of nature words that no longer appear in the Oxford English Dictionary, adder, bluebell, acorn and bramble amongst others. Each word has a poem and painting to illustrate it. We hope to use this book throughout the school to enhance our literacy and science. Every school in Dorset is being presented with a copy, paid for by crowd funding. Thank you!