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Waste Week March 2018

This week was waste week and over the last couple of weeks our Eco group has been talking about waste, how to reduce waste and ways we can recycle more.  They have secretly been looking in lunch boxes and bins around the school to see what waste we are creating, but also what we do well.


Their main findings were as follow:-

Good things:-

Lots of people use tupperware containers for their lunch food

Some people have cardboard or reusable straws

Home made food - flapjacks - were in evidence. No wastage or packaging there!

Lots of healthy fruit being eaten.

We compost all our fruit waste

We recycle all our paper and card


Bad things:-

Chocolate - not healthy and lots of  packaging that can't be recycled

Foil used for sandwiches - not recyclable

Small packets of crisps

Children not eating all of their food because they didn't like it or weren't hungry


The children reported their findings to the rest of the school in assembly today and thought about things we could change. They also read out some fairly shocking facts about waste both in the UK and around the world. For example, did you know by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the sea. 3 million slices of cheese are thrown away in the UK each year. Families in the UK throw away about £700 of food a year. We throw away 1.4 million bananas a DAY in the UK. Definitely food for thought!


Thank you Eco Warriors for all your work on this - keep up the good work at home and in our community.