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Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday 06.06.16

To celebrate the Queen and Winnie the Pooh's birthday we acted out the story. The book starts with a picnic involving honey of course. Christopher Robin then tells us the queen has a grand tea every day in her palace, with buttered toast and crumpets. So we had crumpets for snack. The friends wanted to give the Queen a present and thought the North Pole was an 'excellent idea'. The children looked for the 'North Pole' but the forest was full of sticks that could or could not be the North Pole. Owl wrote out a little hum Pooh remembered, rolled it and tied a thick vine around it to give to the queen. The children took this and a red balloon on to the train to London. After lots of walking we caught the 'bus' to Buckingham Palace. On the way we stopped off at Trafalgar square and looked at the lion. Once at Buckingham Palace we saw the Queen's Guard march past and then the Queen. Pooh's hum sent 'some quiet and a little time to play' and that's what the children did later.