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Week 10

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On Tuesday, we had our samba concert. We had a practice before we started the concert, and then it began. Most of us had lines to read out to the parents. First we played Samba Reggae with all of the different hand signals that we had to follow. After that, we played Samba Funk. Everybody thought that we were amazing. We really enjoyed it and we liked doing samba for 10 weeks.Check out the video resources for the videos!



                                         Transfer Day 



On Thursday, the year 4’s went to DMS or St. Osmunds for a day. The year 4’s loved visiting their new school! Meanwhile, the year 3’s were having so much fun here. They were getting to know the new year 3’s and they drew a self portrait and told people about them. They also coloured in bookmarks. Everyone was getting along. The year 4s met their buddies and they did an all about me sheet. We also made bunting. 


By Bella and Lillie 😄 


Have a great weekend!!