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Week 2

This week welcome our new Preschool Assistant Mrs Hallett-Jones to the Foundation Base. 

Our focus book in literacy has been Aliens Love Underpants. In Cherry class the children have been creating patterned underpant pictures using pencil & watercolour paints, carefully thinking about their choice of colour & patterns. The children then used these in their writing activity & were asked to describe what their decorated underpants looked like & to record a simple sentence about them. They also independently patterned underpant pictures to practise their fine motor skills, early handwriting skills & using mark making tools & scissors. They practised their tricky words by writing them in spaceships & enjoyed playing our new Vetinary Surgery role play area, dressing up, looking after the toy animals & writing about the different types of animals.

The Blossom class have been busy with lots of play based activities such as making paper plate aliens in flying saucers, playdough aliens with googly eyes & pipe cleaner antennae, painting symmetrical aliens & enjoying the role play area using the Emergency Services dressing up costumes.