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Week 5

Our focus this week has been Supertato and many of our activities have been based around this, particularly in literacy where the children were asked to write about their adventures with Supertato at the weekend. They were able to talk about all of the lovely things that they did, who they met and what they played together. Thank you very much  for supporting the children with this activity, they all produced some fantastic writing this week and it was lovely for them to show the children their photographs and talk about what they did.

In maths we have revisited addition number sentences and created Numicon skyscrapers for Supertato to fly around. The children were asked to choose two different pieces for each building, then add them together to find the total number of the two pieces. They were then able to record their calculations in a number sentence.

In RE we watched a short film about some Chinese children celebrating their new year. Afterwards we talked about the similarities and difference between how we celebrate our new year and the way they celebrate. We then created our own Chinese dragon by painting paper plates, decorating some with tissue paper and then stringing them together.

In outdoor learning the children built bridges for the animals and birds and hung their bird feeders on the trees. Last week the children made these using lard, bird seed, cutters and string.