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Week beginning 18th May

Hello Sharks Class!


Let's start by saying a MASSIVE HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to the lovely Daisy. She had a lovely day which we were very pleased to hear. So, hope you're all winding down and looking forward to the long weekend and half term to follow. This week plenty of you have been baking yummy Anglo-Saxon biscuits. Mollie, Ellis, Sophia, Finley, George and Benjamin have all been at it. There are some photos to show some of the results below. Molly has made her very own clock and been brushing up on her time-telling skills. Such a great life skill, well done Molly! Sophia has been super busy, watching butterflies hatch out of her chrysalises, climbing more trees and bouncing on the trampoline with her little pillow cases! George has been measuring in maths and Finley has been super-social distancing on the beach, under a mound of shingle! Some of you have written submitted your PSHE work, with the 5 things you have enjoyed in lockdown and what you are looking forward to next. This has made for lovely reading and all so positive. 


Just a note about transfer. For the year 4 pupils who will be going to Dorchester Middle School, here is a link to the part of their website designed for parents and children who will be attending from September. It's been put together really well and gives children, (and parents) an idea of what to expect, as well as introducing some key members of staff. Of course the usual visits would be great, but obviously things are different this year. We will try to do anything we can to answer your questions and concerns. Please gt in touch if you have any queries.


We do hope that you are all happy and we do miss you all very much. Enjoy your half term and send a quick email once it's over so we know how you are getting on. Just a few lines is fine, we know you are all busy. Enjoy this week's photos!


Take care and be happy,

Miss Darby and Mrs Austin