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Week 7

We welcomed back some more year 1s this week and they have settled back in well to our new routines and timetables. The children are now familiar with your one way systems, our bubbles, their own desks and of course regular handwashing between every activity. Our timetable is very similar to previously with phonics, handwriting, literacy, reading and maths taking place every morning. Our afternoons are spent outside as much as possible doing PE, science and art. We have continued to observe our science experiment this week and have discovered that two seeds have germinated. The one with water, soil and light, but also the one with water and soil that is in the dark. We are now waiting to see which one will grow the strongest. In art this week we made pots, both thumb pots and coil pots out of clay and we will paint them next week. 


Each day we are doing an activity from the 30 days Random Acts of Wildness pack, these have included things like listening to wild sounds, taking a picture of something blue (hence the sky photographs!), eating outside, identifying wild flowers, read a wild book and make a daisy chain. 


Well done Year 1s for coming back with such a positive attitude to your learning, it is lovely to have you back in school.