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Week 9

Blog Week 9

This week has been very exciting as Joe Wicks has completed his 24 hour P.E challenge for ‘Children In Need.’ Everyone looked very nice as we had a non-school uniform day and a big thank you to all the people who donated money for Children in Need.

Also for all the people who made shoe boxes for people in less fortunate countries.

Welcome back Miss Darby who has come back after having to self-isolate, so welcome back Miss Darby.

Literacy with Mrs Austin has been a banger, we are reading a new book called ‘The Iron Man.’ By Ted Hughes. Our latest work on him was stealing phrases from Ted Hughes (Don’t complain about copyright to court. Ok?)

Miss Darby has worked us hard in reading vipers, we have finished our last piece of work and completed the book ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ By Andy Shepherd. Parents there is a second book called ‘The Boy Who Lived with Dragons.’ So if you’re interested you can buy that.

Math’s with Mrs Austin, Year 3s have been learning the 3 times tables and adding a number to a 3 digit number. Year 4s have had to do a very tricky pyramid that we had to solve using column method.

Miss Darby has taught us all time. Year 3s have been telling the time to five minutes. E.g the time is 5 minutes past 10. Jacob, George, Daisy and Paddy have completed a 2 page worksheet telling the time to the nearest minute and the other year 4s did the first page.

That’s it for this week bye!!!!

By Jacob, Paddy and Daisy.  

Congratulations to Oliver and Evie, who were awarded last weeks Head Teacher Awards.


This week Sofia, Eleanor, Ettie and James have been awarded - congratulations!