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Week 10

The children have worked hard in maths this week learning their 2D shapes, using mathematical language to describe them and finding shapes around the classroom. Why not see what shapes they can find around your home? 


They have also worked really hard in phonics segmenting and blending CVC words and having a go at writing not just individual words but a whole sentence today! It's wonderful to watch their progress and confidence grow as readers and writers and all the work you do at home with their phonics and reading books really pays off. 


The name writing challenge is going well with lots of creative ideas. I'd never thought of using socks or hammer beads! 


We decorated our divas today ready to put candles in and the children have taken a lot of pride in choosing their colour and the glitter to go with it. They look wonderful.  We also made some firework rockets using card rolled into cylinders and tissue paper. 


Well done Seahorses for another busy and successful week of learning.