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18.6.19 Our trip to Durlston Country Park

On Tuesday Sharks class travelled to Durlston Country Park in Swanage. We arrived at the learning centre and our guide Ali was there to greet us. Our first activity was about the birds of the cliffs and we were told about the guillemot, fulmar, peregrine falcon, great black – backed gull, jackdaw, kestrel and shag. We looked at models of the birds and how they live and what they eat as these were some of the birds we may be seeing on our walk.


As we started to walk to the cliffs we learnt about some of the plants and flowers along the way. As the sea came into view we all gathered at the edge of the cliff... (safely behind a wall and a glass panel!) We were really lucky to see the guillemots flying in and out of the cliffs collecting fish for their young. Although we couldn’t see the babies, we could definitely smell the fish they were eating. As we looked out to sea we were also lucky enough to see a pair of kestrels, a fulmar and a great black – backed gull gliding along the water.


After lunch back at the centre we learnt about rocks and fossils. We then went out to a special wall which was covered in different fossils and lichen.

Despite the weather forecast looking miserable, we were very lucky to escape the rain and we had a lovely trip to Durslton.