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Week 9

                                      Welcome to the blog!

This week we watched a short clip called Girl and Robot. We made a plan to write the story because there isn't a written down story. Everybody's stories were amazing. 


On Wednesday we had PE with Ms Mcswiney. This term we are learning about netball. We have played a lot of mini games but not a full game yet. The year fours did buddy reading on a Wednesday after lunch.The buddies read to us now and they are very good at it!


 Wenormally do DT or art on a Wednesday afternoon. This week we did DT. We were designing moving mechanisms using pivots.Then next week we will build a really cool grabber type of thing.


On Thursday happy healthy Harold the giraffe came to our school to teach us about how to be healthy 

and he had to go to a talent show. It was a lot of fun.


Today we are going swimming! Which is awesome. This Morning we went to praise assembly too.


Written by Jack and Ella S.