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Another busy week in the Preschool with the children learning about Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) and celebrating World Book Day. The children made batter for their pancakes, had a turn at flipping their pancakes and then choosing which toppings they would like, they were very tasty indeed! Then on Friday it was fantastic to see the children dressed up as a character from a book and sharing their favourite stories. Throughout the day we read stories on the hour, every hour and completed activities such as making book marks and colouring in a book cover.

The children have continued to learn through sensory and play based activities around our topic of 'Dangerous Dinosaurs'. They have made frozen dinosaur eggs, mark making in paint, washing the dinosaurs in bubbly water and made beautiful pictures of dinousaurs made from different shapes. Please have a look on the display board for these.

We also had a visit from the DASP musicians who came in to talk to us about instruments and they demonstrated how to play each of them. They played the theme tunes to many familiar films and we had to guess which ones they were and which instruments played the lead.