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Week 3

Welcome to Dolphin Class Blog!


I'm sorry it has taken a few weeks to get up and running but our computer systems were updated over the summer and we have had a few technical issues...... All now seems to be resolved so I will be blogging each week about what the children have been up to and adding a few photographs.


This week we have been reading the story Why Chameleon Changes Colour, following on from last weeks Why Lion Roars. The children have had a go at retelling the story and writing their own openings. We have also been doing daily phonics with the children revisiting sounds they learnt last year. Well done to all the children learning their spellings for a Friday. Reinforcing their learning like this really does benefit them throughout their writing.


In maths both year groups have been focusing on number work. Year 1s with 1 more and 1 less and Year 2 with greater than, less than and equal to.


During PE the children are doing hockey with Ms Moore, we have a weekly music lesson focusing on the Carnival of the Animals and keeping a steady beat with percussion instruments and in art we have been making animal silhouette sunset pictures.  In science we have been naming common animals and plants during our outdoor learning. 


Have a happy weekend!