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Week 3

The children have continued with their persuasive writing and this week have independently written a letter to persuade and encourage others to stop polluting the oceans. Some of the language they used was fabulous and they drew on the knowledge they have learnt about pollution. Children used phrases such as 'I was shocked to learn that.....' and included questions, 'Did you know.....?' All of the children worked really hard to produce a good standard of writing. 


In science we focused on dandelions and the structure and life cycles of these amazing plants. They are so common yet have a huge place in folklore and do no end of good to our soil as well as being able to eat them. The children used magnifying glasses to look at the different parts closely before drawing and labeling them. 


In geography we looked at a local OS map and talked about the different symbols used in the key to find out what is around the school and village. If you get a chance to look at maps on line or paper copies, please do. The children found them fascinating. They then created their own map of the school and grounds making up their own key to go with it.