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Year 3 Sandworld and Baking

Sandworld 1.5.18

Whilst the year 4 children were at Hooke Court the year 3 children had their own adventures and learning at Sandworld, Weymouth.


The children started with a tour of Sandworld, where they listened and read information about the sculptures and sculpters. The children used the information to complete a quiz during their tour.

The children then had their own sand sculpting workshop, where they were taught sculpting techniques and showed how to use different sculpting tools. All of the children produced their own sand sculptures.
Year 3 Bake Off 2.5.18

After researching ingredients, methods and decoration, year 3 had a fairy cake baking morning. We even had a go at vegan fairy cakes!

We worked in pairs to make and decorate our fairy cakes. Our designs were inspired by our Sandworld trip!