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Week 6

Our book of the week has been 'Only One You'. The children have been busy thinking about how they could make the world a better place and painting their pebbles to create their own unique fish, these will be displayed in our classroom.

The children have thought of some lovely ideas, of how they could make the world a better place and recorded these thoughts in their literacy activity. In addition to this the children have been carefully patterning fish templates, fine motor activities, learning phonic sounds - k, ck, e, u & r. Please do practise reading and writing the tricky words at home with the children, they can't be sounded out and blended, that's why they are being tricky!

In maths we have recapped upon 2D shapes, learnt about subitising and been thinking about and ordering events that happen throughout our school day. The children also sorted daily events throughout the day in to morning, afternoon and evening. We discovered that some things happen both in the morning and in the evening, such as brushing our teeth/hair, watching television and doing our homework.