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Week 9 - Bonfire Night Understanding of the World

This week we have focused upon Bonfire Night. The children have really enjoyed looking at non-fiction books about this celebration & have developed a really good recollection of the people, places & events. They have been particularly good at remembering the following - King James the First, Houses of Parliament, Guy Fawkes, gunpowder, guards & prison, along with the type of foods that we might have on this cold night.

The children have learnt a song called 'On Bonfire Night' over the week & have remembered all of the words & actions throughout. This is a fantastic song that supports children with the movement of their mouth to produce a range of sounds. This will be posted on Tapestry for you to view.

There have been many activities across the Foundation Base for the children to participate in such as - pumpkin sensory play, ICT firework pictures, glitter & glue firework pictures, patterning in fireworks, CVC word formation on firework pictures, mark making in glitter using paint brushes & small world fire station, all of which support the children's fine motor skills.

"I like the sparkly glitter, look at the patterns I can make"

"The pumpkin feels all squishy & slimy"