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Week 5

The highlight of our week was the visit to the Life Education Van to learn about how our body changes food and air into energy and how to recognise how people are feeling. The children were brilliant at finding the lungs, heart, stomach and intestines on the model. They were also told about the importance of sleep to stay healthy. We met Harold the Giraffe again and thought about how different people were feeling at his birthday party and why. The children did really well at recognising a range of emotions from sad, angry, happy, feeling left out and they talked about how they could help somebody and what they could do. Bullying was also mentioned and they were reminded that bullying is something that happens Several, Times, On, Purpose - STOP and that if it does happen they should Start, Telling, Other, People to get it to STOP. 


In literacy this week we have written a letter home imagining we are a sailor with Sir Francis Drake on The Golden Hinde. The children all seem to miss their mum and dad's cooking as they have been living on wormy meat and maggoty biscuits! They have also written about their adventures fighting the Spanish and securing treasure. Lots of lovely imagination is coming out in their writing. 


In maths we have looked at measure both with meter sticks and rulers and children have spent time measuring doors, chairs, the length of the classroom along with lots of other things. 


Thank you for bringing in your junk for our junk modelling. This  has started well and the hulls of our ships are looking good. We don't need anything more at this stage as next week we will be painting them and putting on the sails and flags. 


Next week is our dress up as a pirate day on Wednesday. All children can come  in in a pirate outfit. Ms Moore has promised a pirate themed PE lesson too so we are looking forward to that.