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Week 6 - Literacy

This week in literacy we have been learning about command, or instruction sentences. We read Neil Gaiman's book 'Instructions', which takes the reader on an adventure to magical places giving instructions all the time about where to go, what to do and what not to do. 


The children then created their own map of an adventure world and wrote a story, directing the reader around their world using instructions.  The children spent a lot of time thinking about what to include on their maps and the resulting stories were all brilliant. Every child produced a well thought out piece of work and they should all be proud of them.


In art the children have had a go at creating botanical style illustrations using pencil and water colour paints. They had to observed the plants closely before beginning their drawing to really notice their shapes and colours.  The children really enjoyed using magnifying glasses to observe their plants and talk about the variety of colours and tones they could see.